Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Does Veganism Make You Ill?

Holly Paige claims it made her daughters sick. The Vegan Society helpfully points out that Paige was using a particular raw-foods diet that happened to be vegan, and not a standard vegan diet. And yet the "vegan" labels bears all the blame.

That's the thought (?) process that goes into these articles: vegans are weird; these people were vegan; ergo, being vegan harmed their kids. See? We told you vegans were weird!

In all such cases, the children are either (a) starved or (b) nutritionally deprived because of other beliefs the parents hold. We had a similar case here in the US, where Lamoy and Joseph Andressohn were tried for child abuse and neglect for feeding their kids nothing but wheat grass and juices. "Veganism" wasn't the issue - their calorie-restricted, nutritionally deficient raw foods diet was.