Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama: "Bottom-Up" Growth Needed

Obama's not attacking the ideology of Growth and the cult of More, which is depressing. But he's re-structuring the argument in terms of "bottom-up" growth that directly benefits workers, as opposed to the wealthy 1%.

What I'd like to hear is that growth must also be sustainable, and it must flow locally - i.e., from the growth of communities on out. It's unclear whether Obama's opposition to "trickle-down" policies extends to whittling away the influence and power of huge multinationals. What's needed are more robust local economies working on concert with one another.

In that vain, Naomi Klein's article on Obama's economic advisors is disheartening.

I'm voting for Obama. Hell, I'd vote four times if I could. But an Obama presidency doesn't mean that we can become complacent. He's a politician, after all, and will require a lot of popular pressure to keep his administration's agenda from becoming corrupted against the peoples' interests.