Friday, June 20, 2008

School District May Ban All Clubs to Shut Down Gay-Straight Alliance

My wife (who's still in Oklahoma City) marveled to me on the phone today about an African-American gentleman she saw standing at 23rd and Classen, dressed in a suit and tie in the 95-degree sun, holding a Bible and waving a sign declaring that homosexuality was a sin and that God would punish you for it. How deeply, she groaned, do you have to be immersed within your hate to stand on a corner in the punishing heat and advertise it?

Well, the Lexington-Richland 5 School District in South Carolina is so wrapped up in its own hate that it may ban all clubs and extracurricular activities in order to shut down the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance.

The parents are maintaining that the club is wrong because "sex has no place in school." Because that's all that gay relationships are about, right?

It's bad enough that these folks are preventing gay students from forming a save haven where they can work with their straight brothers and sisters to fight back against prejudice and violence directed against them because of their sexuality. It's even worse that they're doing it in a way that belittles all loving homosexual relationships, reducing them to nothing but physical acts.

What a shameful example to set for your kids.

(And yes, the school district teaches abstinence-only sex ed. Shocking, but true.)