Monday, July 14, 2008

The Nation Throws a Cruise! (Poor People Not Invited)

Holy hell. It's getting expensive to defend the proletariat!

But hey, the ship is environmentally friendly. I guess that counts for something.

And people wonder why the left isn't taken seriously. We talk about the poor and the forgotten, then wave to them politely as our cruise ship departs the shore. This adventure will cost a minimum of $3,000 in lodging, airfare, and amenities. There are no scholarships offered, as far as I can tell, which excludes cash-strapped urban and rural activists from attending and taking what they've learned back to their communities. Not to mention the time off: how's your average working activist supposed to afford a full week off of work in a country with no federally mandated vacation time? Little wonder that three-quarters of those in attendance look like retirees.

This is upper-class liberal wankerism at its worst.