Monday, July 14, 2008

"Strange Bedfellows" vs. Third Party Support

Glenn Greenwald is helping spearhead an organization that will challenge "Bad Democrats". It seems strained. Greenwald provides an impressive list of the massive compromises the Congressional Democrats have made since coming ot power in 2006. He outlines how the Democratic National Convention itself is being underwritten by "corporate sponsors" - including two companies, AT&T and Comcast, who were beneficiaries of telecom immunity for warrantless wiretapping.

And yet, despite acknowledging all that, Greenwald can still thunder:
Nobody who finds the above-documented events objectionable can rationally embrace a course of action that directly or indirectly empowers those who are the prime forces behind these events: namely, the mainstream GOP in its current incarnation. [Emphasis added]
They're all hopelessly corrupt bastards - but dammit, they're our hopelessly corrupt bastards!

Greenwald seems fired up to barnstorm the Democratic Party and clear out the trash. More power to him. I can't find that passion within myself. I can't bring myself to spend another election championing candidates who erode our Constitutional rights and enable our corporatist plutocracy. I'm done with watching real change frittered away piece by piece in an orgy of compromise.

If you're still undecided this Presidential season, consider the words of one commentator over at The Nation, who spoke in reference to Cynthia McKinney's Green Party bid:
The "spoiler" argument is a myth perpetuated by the Democratic Party. There really is no such thing as a spoiler. For example, to call a Green a spoiler assumes that Democrats are entitled to those votes in the first place. They are not. Votes belong to the voter, and the only wasted vote is a vote for a candidate which you do not prefer. If Democrats want these votes, then let them work for the votes by taking positions on the issues that actually resonate with the people casting these votes. [Emphasis added]