Friday, July 4, 2008

Seattleites Compare Sonics to George W. Bush. That's Gotta Hurt.

More on that Sonics story:
A pair of public polls and a 2006 election show that the percentage of Seattleites who adamantly wanted — and were willing to pay for — the Sonics to stay was roughly equal to the approval rating of George W. Bush.

Like an activist in the article, says, this isn't about the teams per se - it's about the ridiculous public subsidies handed to the NBA and team owners in the form of public underwriting of stadium renovations. I tend to believe, however, that in the case of Seattle, traffic was a factor. The Sonics had the misfortune of playing at Seattle Center, which means their games created a tentacle-like snarl of traffic from the Center on down and east.

Anyhow, good riddance all the same.