Thursday, July 3, 2008

You Can Cram Yer Broadband Where The Sun Don't Shine, Sport-o!

Don't feel sorry for dial-up users: they're content with living in the Internet Stone Age.

The more depressing news is that the poor and minorities lag behind in Internet access. But that's not necessarily a tragedy, depending on how solid public Internet access (mainly library access) is in these areas. In Seattle, you can get along perfectly well using library computers for occasional connectivity.

Our rampant individualist streak here in the States disinclines us toward shared, public resources, encouraging us instead to invest good money in household ownership. Rather than make household ownership of Net connectivity the Holy Grail, I'd prefer to see more community-based wi-fi projects and shared resources at that level. That, of course, assumes more of a co-housing approach to urban and suburban living - an idea that still hasn't gained mass traction in America. (C'mon, $5/gallon gasoline...)