Monday, July 7, 2008

Why Call It "Meat"?

I've become more relaxed in my approach to "faux meats." I credit Cyber-Dogs, which makes some tasty fake dog concoctions.

Since then I've developed a love for Trader Joe's Meatless Meat Balls, a delicious concoction made from TVP; the meatballs tossed together with whole wheat penne and roasted garlic marinara makes a wonderful, high-protein and high-fiber meal. And while I'm not head over heels in love with Tofurkey's "Kielbasa" yet, I don't find them un-tasty.

For me, part of the problem with these meat substitutes is that they're marketed as meat substitutes. They set the psychological expectation that they will taste like meat, when in reality even the most delicious "faux meat" is a far cry from the real thing. Why not market these products as what they are: meat alternatives that provide the protein of meat, but have their own unique texture and taste?